In Rememberance: Johnny Weaver


When you think of the heritage of pro wrestling in the Mid-Atlantic, there is one name that instantly comes to mind. He spent much of his life in this area, building it with his wrestling in the ring, behind the scenes, and on the microphone as the color commentator of Jim Crockett Promotions television programs.

Weaver formed one of the most popular tag teams of all time in this area, teaming with George Becker, but his influence would also shape other future tag team specialists in Jay Youngblood and Don Kernodle, both multiple World Tag Team Champions. Johnny Weaver passed away at the age of 72, but still very much a fan of pro wrestling. Weaver honored CWF Mid-Atlantic by allowing us to host the annual "Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament" each summer since 2004. It was our way to honor Johnny and the legacy that he created in the Carolinas.

The summer long tournament concludes each August where Johnny would attend to visit friends, share stories, and of course watch live pro wrestling. It has always been one of the most popular nights of the year for CWF Mid-Atlantic, not only by fans, but especially by fellow wrestlers wanting to see the legendary Johnny Weaver.

The final "Weaver Cup" attended by Johnny was very special in that a reunion of sorts also happened. Johnny was surprised to see his former commentary partner, Rich Landrum, along with former in-ring rival, Sandy Scott. They were also joined by Don Kernodle, Rocky Kernodle, and Jim Nelson (Boris Zuhkov) to recognize Johnny at the tournament named in his honor.

Four wrestlers were able to have the "Weaver Cup" personally presented to them by Johnny as the winner of the tournament. Unfortunately this is a special honor that no one will ever be able to have again. However the Johnny Weaver Cup Tournment will continue again this summer to insure that fans and wrestlers alike never forget the class that Johnny brought to wrestling and the legacy that he laid down.

Johnny, thanks for everything you're done, you're a true wrestling legend and you'll never be forgotten.

Johnny Weaver
November 17, 1935 - February 15, 2008

Cwf Mid-Atlantic